DBH Ventures

Bbridging the chasm between Web2 and Web3 through real-world applications.


After protects and preserves digital assets immutably, transparently, and autonomously on the blockchain.

After manages the posthumous distribution of assets in a trusted and verifiable blockchain ledger locked in a secure quantum-resistant vault.
The unique $OBOL tokenomics allow for a variety of utility and governance uses.


A unique blockchain-based trust network.

The Candor network utilizes a new metric called “Predictive Honest Insight" or PHI (Φ), an innovative way to measure the trust of a relationship and increase the safety of Web 3. The Candor Φ score incorporates deep on-chain analysis, address and contract monitoring, and most importantly the Candor community. The Candor network builds trust and improves relationships on the blockchain in the most natural and instinctive one-to-one way; just as humans have done for millennia


An easy-to-use automated trading platform for the retail investor.

StockCroc is created to satisfy the many desires of retail traders as well as more seasoned investors while protecting investments and providing a safer way to experience the many thrills and reap the rewards associated with the financial markets. Using one of the many StockCroc algorithms the trading platform will automatically enter and exit trades on the selected stocks with the allocated funds in the user’s account.


A cutting-edge Decentralized Autonomous Organization for community investing.

CrocPot functions as a cutting edge Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where NFT’s govern membership and voting power over the assets committed to the combined managed asset pool. This retail experience invests in, sells, and trades a variety of assets including NFT’s, alt coins, blue chip crypto, staking, mining, pools, and more. Only 1,500 memberships exist.

Caiman Fund

Multiple NFT-based private equity blue-chip cryptocurrency funds.

The Caiman Fund provides high net worth individuals and family offices access to a diversified, managed portfolio of blockchain focused digital assets. Different risk levels, entry requirements, and expected returns are offered through a variety of funds. The Caiman Fund is unique in the underlying NFT mechanism by which fund participation, percent allocation, and rolled returns are handled. This approach resolves potential tax implications while maximizing returns.


On-demand bulk trash removal through a network of trusted haulers.

Haulerback provides on-demand bulk trash removal and large item pickup services through a network of connected, competitive, small-business haulers. These pre-screened haulers are identified, sorted, prioritized, and contacted within seconds of a new service request by Haulerback’s intelligent algorithms.


Leasable bare-metal and Ethereum hashrates.

Loded provides leasable Ethereum hashrate for those looking to invest in crypto mining without the high overhead expense of machine acquisition. Loded provides temperature-controlled, 24/7 monitored Asics mining rigs stored in a secure mining facility located in North Carolina.

NFT Brands

DBH Ventures has invested significantly in the development and deployment of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts. These brands each focused on a unique or compelling utility function for non-fungible tokens.

  • Pocket Pandas (LIFE app)
  • Hot Potato (Timed contract)
  • Agatha's (Fine art gallery)
  • Sins (AI generative art)
  • Bunny Babies (PFP collection)
  • Croc Royale (Access + airdrops)
  • Tokenstar (NFT recycling)
  • Full Monty (Creator launchpad)

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